Dressing for spring

I just needed to tell everyone that I just got back from Sunburst KL 2009 music festival and I danced with N.E.R.D on stage with Pharell. LOL. He has such perfect taste in shoes. Man, I could've raped him back then..
[source, Ffffound]


NADINE said...

loveeeeee this pic! and im soooooooo jalous you danced with pharrel! he's soooooooo hot! xxx

Lauren said...

OHEMEFFGOSH. Total freakout 'cause he is FOIIINE! Man, I'm a loser. haha. But damn, I'm jellz of you!

x x x

Anonymous said...

love the jacket :)

Isa said...

dancing with pharell! I hope there is a picture of that, I LOVE it!

also, loved the erin post below, amazing random facts about her.


Anonymous said...

you are adorable but using the word "fag" is very ignorant.

myra said...

My friends and I usually throw it around a lot sarcastically so I guess it came out spontaneously? Deleted it anyway..

Monyet Rabias said...

seen the video it wasssssssssssss OHKAYYYYY x thu nk ckp ape sebab giel coool!!!, sumpah jeles sebab dh la last minute x dpt pergi, wasted the tickets cuz my mum masok hospital, angles are hopeless at tht time :/ grrr but yeah she is okay cume next week i worry pasal her health , which is the word "operation" tht i'm worry about ,

but oh well bagos la KL DESIGN WEEK , coming?