Kate.. being Kate

[source, Flickr]


Bianca and Isabella said...

goodness, she is amazing.

the crumpet girls

Anonymous said...

these are the best pics of kate ever!

Seriale-modeuse said...

This is my fave photo shoot of Kate.

Cory K. said...

it's been a while since i've been here!
but i'm infatuated by your simple posts.
they are the most amazing things.
this photo shoot looks stunning too(;

Anonymous said...

oh oh. loved this ed.


Maddy said...

check out those bangs, wonderful!
I love your blog, everything you post is so beautiful and inspiring.

I'm just starting out with with my blog and am hoping it will turn into something about Melbourne teen fashion... I'd love you to check it out and maybe give me some advice or exchange links?

ty x.


Kalin said...

Hey! I tagged you!

kaitlyn said...

damn. that vest she's wearing is amazing.

Miriam said...

love these photos!!