Yes, you too, are sexy

Gareth Pugh S/S '09. I'd tap these shoes..
[source, Google]


Stephanie said...

I need those shoes! Gareth Pugh is an absolute genius :)
Do you want to exchange links?

sarah said...

i just love those so much. does it get any better?

rossovelvet said...

Actually I'm an italian, who lives in Geneva !
I know, complicated xD.
But my uncle does live in Paris so.... I can totally recommend you Freep'star and the district called le Marais... if you want to learn more about Paris, the best way is to go to Kamel's amazing blog: http://www.styleandthecity.com/

X.o.X.o !

Connie Hsiu said...

i think i would too ha! theyre fab :)

Bianca and Isabella said...

i wish i wouldnt fall and beak myself on those:( hahah so lush.


the crumpet girls

xoxo said...

they're fierce!