Quirky little Chloe

Just a bit of randomness, but does anyone else watch Black Books with Dylan Moran in it? Haha
[source, tFS]


Anonymous said...

I love her so much!
Is it okay if I link you on my blog? :)

The Stiletto Effect said...

Hi :)
She is so pretty and fashionable; I love her...

Mark├ęt a Tereza said...

I love her specific beauty. Nice post! I´ve awarded you for your lovely and inspiring blog!

Anonymous said...

All the clothes are from the topshop fall 09 collection. Now about to link you, thankyou! x

Twiggy Mod said...

Fab picture she looks lovely x

Allie said...

In my eyes, she really couldn't be more awesome! I love her. Always sticks to her own individual style not matter what mainstream media says about her. Its wonderful, really.

Anonymous said...

BLACK BOOKS is one of the best pieces of comedy gold out there!
It's brilliant and funny. Last year I did a BB run.. I didn't leave the house in three days!
It's so brill!
I'm so in love with Bernard.