Pop of pink

I just wanted to pop in and mouth out loud a huge THANK YOU to whoever that is following, reading, loving this blog.
I'll be busy for the most important exam in my life (as of now) for the next 4 months but fret not! I always make time to schedule posts for the next two weeks so.. anyways! More outfit posts to commence probably. And if you want me to link you, drop links here so it's easier for me. Much love!
[source, Cobrasnake]


pigeon.toed said...

good luck!!!

here's my link: http://pigeontoed.blogspot.com/

C'est Moi said...

I hear you on the exams. I've just taken 3 in one week. Good luck! If you want to trade links, that fine by me :-)


Lelsy said...

Hey there, used to be Up Above the Clouds and I'm back in KL with a new blog. Was wondering if you could just change the link if it weren't too much trouble. I think I saw your pic on that KL street style tumbler! So cute!

Cherie Cherie said...

cobrasnake <3


camerafilmroll said...

Good luck dear!
Exchange links? (:

jamie clare said...

ahhhhhh good luck! i'm glad you're still making time for a little bit of inspirational posting!

i've already linked you, but here's mine: thealteration.blogspot.com

fulton11b said...

I love your blog and I've been following it for a little while now - mine is new but link if you want! good luck on your exam!


Anonymous said...

good luck! hope you do well :)

Chels said...

ooooh exams suck good luck!

Annabelle said...

Good Luck! love the blog!!!

ps, anyone know where I can find/buy one of those library style 'YSL' bags????
Love them!!


Anonymous said...

good luck with the spm!

we all love ur blog too!