Platinum Evil Part II

Is it OK if I stop using Photobucket? ROFL. The image quality is preserved but I can't be arsed to browse through a blog with "Bandwidth Exceeded" EVERYTIME. So are y'all OK with BayIMG's picture quality? Or you just can't be arsed? Everything goes!


emmet said...

love the studs....cool!

Anonymous said...

lols,its okay as long as the pictures come out everytime i browse through :)

anyways,yes yes studs are cool!

the secret of fashion said...

woooooooow that shoes are killing! and that's oke girl, the quality is almost the same. good work!!

Anonymous said...

love that 3rd look. great stuff.

Marlboro Martini said...

Those shoes!!!

I have yet to understand the working of Photobucket... all it seems to do is make me cry

LAUREN said...

those looks are amazing!