Alexander Wang dress

Alexander Wang bustier dress. I love, love, love this. Ya hear me? LOVE!
and I read at someone's blog that The Electric was their favorite blog. Do you know the degree of cuteness that consists of?! Thank you, thank you, thank you. After I get my major exam in November/December done, I'll spoil you with more. I just bought a mesh dress, I'm getting Doc Martens soon, and other exciting things. Again, love you!
[source, Net-a-Porter]


fashion doll said...

i saw it in paris hilton and demi lovato!!!

Easy Alphabet Pony said...

kick ass dress, WANT!

Anonymous said...

where'd u bought the doc martens from?
is it available in malaysia?

answers,i need em!


ebys said...

IT's HOT :)

check check check out the s/s 2010 <3

ebys said...

MYRA your blog rocks X)

I don't know any other person in Malaysia who loves(or really knows) Alex Wang too. Great to know!

P.S. - don't you think it'll be cool if they had alexander wang's stores in the Gardens, Pavilion or something?

EGS said...

hi Myra

We have lots of dr Martens for sale..absolutely for chicks like you!
don't hesitate to get quotation from us!