Does anyone watch Greek here? What's happening now? Any of you catch Skins? Are you excited for Gossip Girl season 3? I know I am!


Anonymous said...

i watch greek,but in the local tv.
bit late since they have another seasons.i dunno

and im planning to buy a box of the 1,2,3 seasons of skins.heard they're awesome.well is it?

and gg,i cant wait!!

the secret of fashion said...

yes I am really really excited for Gossip Girl 3, but first I'm going to buy Gossip Girl 2. Next week I can buy it finally in Holland! xxxx

Anonymous said...

skins fan up the yingyang

afreak said...

Yeah I just begin to watch greek (well now I'm in the middle of the 2nd season), it's pretty cool !
And gossip girl... I wait since this june !
Love your blog