Ohhh my Gala

GALA GONZALEZ. She's got the sweetest smile and the sickest hair (and now, shoes..)
[source, AltamiraNYC]


Nyt said...

back to myra : HAHAHA , yeahh i know . . thtz wht my post all about. you can see how much of people post about fashion and all tht stuffs. but its great to see them being muse all about it , just how much?!

if they really passionate , then i couldnt say anything more ,if they don't , just put it as intertest , don't do something you really unsure about . .

but for you dear, you got nice blog on your writing and preview about fashion . . so i assume you can do far . . . keep it up

as for me , i put as intersest , x passion pon HAHA , i'm more to the photogrphY side HAHa

Bianca and Isabella said...

soooo gorgeouss

the crumpet girls

Anonymous said...

i love her outfit!! :)

ilovecoolthings said...