Twenty8Twelve SS10

Twenty8Twelve SS10. It's nothing new, really, but it's cute.
[source, tFS]


Love & Vintage said...

nothing new you're right, but i just love it because its a little different than the usual tailoring strict fashion, i did a post on this show too!


deanna said...

Is that 3rd photo Alice Dellal?

Bianca and Isabella said...

love the crosses

the crumpet girls

geisharock said...

true, true, its nothing new. the first dress is sweet though. and i love the hairstyling.

can't believe that i've not come across your blog before. can we swap links? i'm adding you to my blogroll whatever the case xoxo

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Agreed. Loving the washed out denim. But not too sure about the camo print sleeves on that jacket in the 2nd last pic.

myra said...

Exactly! It's just a nicer interpretation of real-life dressing, really. But it's cute, no? :)

AND YES THAT IS ALICE DELLAL! ISN'T SHE GORGEOUS on the runway (I'm so excited I used CAPS haha)

aight links will be added xx

Liya said...

all pieces which would weave seamlessly into my closet