“It’s depressing when the clothes don’t fit and you are always the odd one out…I was on a shoot last week and the stylist took out this tight corset dress and said, ‘Here, put it on,’ and I was like, ‘Who are you kidding?’ There was no way, so that was very rude of her. It’s like, come on, she’s a woman; whether you’re buying jeans at the mall, or wearing couture, you know what it’s like for clothes not to fit. It’s not an easy kind of rejections, because it’s very personal. It’s you, your body. You take it to heart.”Lara Stone to Vogue


Anonymous said...

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CL, said...

aww i read this yesterday. . . i love lara! X O X O

The Opposite of Vulgarity said...

I loved this article, Lara is amazing!

Anonymous said...

It's depressing when a skinny model that only has bigger boobs than other models complains about her weight.