Note from the Author

Hello girls. I've been running The Electric for about 4 years now; and I thought it was time to change the header (I actually made it with Microsoft Paint! It is evident that I am not very tech-savvy.) and I hope you dig it. My initial intention in creating The Electric back when I was 15 was genuine passion for fashion (however cliche it is!) and I still lose hours in front of my computer screen to find beautiful, inspiring images. Thank you for coming here for your sartorial inspirations; the ones who are new, the ones who keep coming back, the ones who never left. Love, Myra.


Aimée xxxx said...

I love the new header it's really simple but so effective! xxx

Helena said...

Ur blog is amazing. Looks at it everyday. It´s my favourite one so far. Love the passion for art and fashion <3