The sun through her hair

Lilya Fall/Winter 2012.
[source, tFS]


Shelby Anne said...

Great post

love the pink knit

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MOOD by me said...

This is such a nice shoot for this time of year, so many pieces too... I love the pink knitted sweater and I love the hat too, wish I was there now!

Paloma Garcia Cuanda said...

Love your blog!

martha said...

fucking gorgeous !

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous!!! All of it! She is a doll. Is it fall yet?! ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

Bill said...

Hello Myra,

The sun through her hair
Picture #3. Is to me what dreams are made of. I can see this lady on a weekend camping and fishing trip with me.
She exemplifies the companions of my life prior to old age.
I used this picture on my boards at Pinterest (gave you credit)
Thank you,
(aka: Billy)