A day in the life of Cara

Style.com Print Spring/Summer '13. 
Photography: Matt Irwin 
Model: Cara Delevingne
[source, tFS]


Anonymous said...

It is not often that we see pictures of models indulging in fast food. Here we see not one but two meals - a hot dog and McDonalds! Forgive the sudden sarcasm, but I think the pictures next to firefighters "at work" are much more believable than those with fast food snacks. No wonder if you look closely, you will see the same untouched sandwich in pictures 2 and 5. I am certainly not implying that models do not eat, but rather that a healthier diet would be more representative of the "Day in the life" photo essay.
Thanks for sharing!

The washes and colours are undoubtedly modern and unique, however, I can't help but think that construction could be more unique. Elizabeth & James is known for beautiful design, while this collection does not present anything novel apart from some exposed crotch zippers. It is pretty but it is not the clothes one falls in love with and saves up to buy. If only soup and salad looked good with leather jacket ;)


Lucia Y said...

Cara is perfection. I just love her personality, and she is so striking